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Our 4D space has had a sensational impact on teaching and learning, enthusing teachers, pupils and adults alike. Children have come alive and teachers have thrived with the endless opportunities that this interactive resource continues to provide.

David Alston, Head Teacher, Crescent Primary

“The total impact of the immersive space and its ability to wow with sound, colour, visuals and video content creates an engaging, conversational and naturally relaxed atmosphere and was a completely new experience for our customers.”

Georgina Driver, Shopper Marketing Manager, Twinings

4D creative is an innovative and forward thinking company that takes into account the need for an intuitive product that is adaptable, cross curricular, totally inclusive and lends itself perfectly to deliver creativity across the curriculum.

John Sibbald, Head of Specialism , Manchester Communication Academy

The purpose of the room is that it blows the kids away and takes them to places they never thought possible. You can show them a picture on a board but it is not the same, it’s not the same at all.

There are no boundaries in a room like this.

Wendy Austin, ICT Lead, Harwood Meadows School, Bolton

It’s the only time I’ve seen an entire class enter the room and collectively say ‘Wow!’ The finished space was far beyond anything I ever expected.

Colin Herd, Head of ICT, Heaton School, Stockport

The transformation is phenomenal. The difference with the 4D experience is that not all of it is static and fixed, a sensory room doesn’t have the same flexibility, it’s far more restrained with the fixed items in there.

Geoff Fitzpatrick, Head Teacher, Newfield School, Blackburn

In the instant of being in the space the concentration and their interest has increased dramatically. I would definitely recommend 4D as a company, not to just schools but to any setting. They are very personable to work with. They listen to your needs and what you want out of the space.

Danielle Lamb, Assistant Head, Hebden Green School, Winsford

When Ofsted came in they were blown away. Not just by the space but by the vocabulary from the children. They gave us an outstanding Ofsted as a result of the lesson, the space that was used and the children’s learning.

Larissa Clarke, Harwood Meadows School, Bolton

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